Retirement Research: How to Know When you Know Enough

Research for Retirement and Long Term Care

There are so many ways to research your retirement plan. Between magazines, the internet, and seminars, there’s no shortage of information and inspiration. You have the latest trends, market recommendations and tips from planners all at your fingertips. It’s normal to do some research, but too much can hurt you, as things become confusing, and all of the options to choose, from so many great sources, can make you just want to do something else.  According to America United planner, John T. Davis, here’s how to know when you know enough with retirement research. 

“For some, over-researching can be paralyzing. With access to so much information and so many choices, decision-making can become overwhelming,” said John. Planners are here to help with making decisions. But, they do so much more than guide you towards the best medicare supplement, or income generating tools. They get to the root of your problem, addressing how your loved ones will actually experience retirement, and organizing all of that complexity so that it meets the client’s goals.”

“There are times when a client has a problem that they want to solve before they meet with us,” said John. “I always remind people, part of our process is for us to give you options and retirement planning solutions. You don’t have to have answers to everything. There are a lot of ways to solve a planning problem and we are here to come up with solutions that fit your needs best.”

Yes, the Internet has plenty of answers. But they aren’t tailored to your needs and budget.  So, how do you even know which is the best option? We’re not saying you can’t look online. But once you feel like you have a handle on what you like and you have a trusted partner, it’s best to work with them to move forward.  When working with an America United Planner, you’ll get to review plans tailored to your family’s needs, presented in plain English rather than finacialese, and talk about your family and what those needs are.  You can make educated decisions that solve the issues critical to you.

“I would never want to operate on myself. I’d rather have a professional do it,” said John. “The same thing goes for retirement plan solutions” Put down google and set up a time to meet with John to talk about your retirement plan or medicare supplement. Or, if you feel like there is still more to learn, register to attend an upcoming workshop. You can also follow America United Wealth Planning on Facebook.

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