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Retirement and Estate Planning is about love of family not just money
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My FamilyShield Plan

The MyFamilyShiled Plan is our comprehensive pre retirement planning and estate planning program. This unique plan looks at all of your assets, and makes sure that your family financially is financially prepared for retirement. This plan also ensures that you have all of the necessary legal documents in place to maintain control over your assets, and pass on your legacy to those you love the most.

Planning for your Social Security Benefits

Retirement Income Planning

Where and when will you take income from your various assets and how much? Retirement income planning is a year by year breakdown of your retirement finances. This process takes into account outside forces such as inflation. It takes the anxiety and worry out of knowing what your income picture will look like. Best of all, it means you don’t have to lose your lifestyle!

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Social Security Planning

Maximize the most powerful retirement asset you have – your social security benefits. We are experts with timing strategies, and ensuring your spouse doesn’t lose out on their benefit. This means you don’t lose out on money your family earned, and you don’t have to lose your lifestyle.

What Our Clients Say

Trust and a Solid Reputation can only be earned with time, experience and performance.  If you’re looking for a retirement and estate planning firm to help provide your family with guidance, than we hope you begin your search by reading some of our testimonials below, to see if our client’s experiences are what you are looking to find.  We can talk about how hard we work to provide the best service possible, but it has much more meaning when it comes from the folks whom we have planned for in the past.

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