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Retirement and estate planning is about love of family not just money

Do You Want More Income In Retirement?

Income is a big part of what can make or break your retirement and your ability to maintain your lifestyle for you and your loved ones.  We can increase your Retirement paycheck through our knowledge of Social Security, and Retirement Benefits.  We can make sure you hit your desired monthly income in retirement, and maintain it throughout your life, regardless of inflation, the market, or tax changes.

We understand that maintaining a lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to over years of responsible careful living is important. We understand that no one wants to downgrade their lifestyle in retirement, or risk becoming a burden to a family member. It is our plan to not just achieve and maintain that vision of a better future, but also to tweak the good things you’ve already been doing. We don’t see our role as being to radically disrupt or alter. America United Wealth planning’s commitment to understanding out clients, and what they have already achieved, makes it easier to make the tweaks to ensure they will always have access to the safe, secure, sources of income, needed to preserve their lifestyle.

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Retirement Income Snap Shot

One of the things we offer our clients to start the income plannng conversation, is a Free Retirement Income Snap Shot.  One of the biggest questions on our client’s minds will often be “how much can I expect in income each year?” A retirement Income Snapshot takes into account all of your income sources, as well as your expenses, to create an estimated schedule for what you can expect each year in retirement, and how well you will be able to pay for your expenses.  

What You Get

This means you

1) Don’t have to go through retirement wondering where your income will come from,

2) Don’t Experience the anxiety of worrying whether you will need to change your lifestyle, or

3) Limit your social or lifestyle choices out of a fear of outliving your income, or not being able to keep pace with inflation.

With a Retirement Income Snap Shot, You'll see:

1. All of your Income Sources laid out before you on a SINGLE page

2. A YEAR-BY-YEAR Breakdown of you and your partners income that takes into account living expenses and inflation

3.  KNOW how much you’ll need in retirement to keep on living the way you want to live.



Our retirement income planning involves working with a dedicated retirement planner. Your advisor will assess your financial options, help establish your goals, and make sure things are explained in plain English, rather than “financialese.” In addition to working with your planner, who remains in consistent contact with you throughout the planning process, he will also keep you updated, make sure that the planning flows smoothly, and answer any questions you have during planning. The goal is to make everything clear and comprehensible: to achieve true communication, so the client can see how any plan we propose truly advocates for and achieves their stated goals.  Learn More!

Safe Tweaks

Most of the time, all that we are looking to do is make some small tweaks to the already good things you’ve been doing. Doing so ensures that your income sources a little safer, more productive, or more diversified. Your retirement advisor takes into account silent killers like inflation, taxes, unstable markets, or health care costs. We always make sure that your income stays steady and strong, no matter what! Our goal is identifying and steering a portfolio away from dangerous risks that could sink a retirement.  Learn More!

Financial Review

We do a complete financial and legal review to identify the great things you’ve been doing and identifying where small improvements can be made. Since we have both a legal and financial team, this includes important documents that are crucial to maintaining smooth access to your finances during health emergencies, as well as an the-depth financial review itself. We have a commitment to using plain English in our communication, and we work to make legal and financial concepts relatable.  These are always great conversations, and for many clients, the first time they’ve had their portfolio analyzed in this manner, and the first time they’ve seen how their finances intersect with their legal documents.  Learn More!

If you would like to start taking the first small steps to securing your retirement future, let’s start a conversation today!

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Trust and a Solid Reputation can only be earned with time, experience and performance.  If you’re looking for a retirement and estate planning firm to help provide your family with guidance, than we hope you begin your search by reading some of our testimonials below, to see if our client’s experiences are what you are looking to find.  We can talk about how hard we work to provide the best service possible, but it has much more meaning when it comes from the folks whom we have planned for in the past.

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