Retirement and Your Special Needs Child

1 in 26 American families has a child with special needs. Raising a child with special needs is an act of love, and one which provides unique challenges as you approach retirement.  When you have a child with special needs, you never truly stop being a provider.  

How will you provide for his or her future? How to secure finances for them after you are gone? 

Like any good parent you worry about providing for their future. You wonder how to secure your child’s access to the finances he or she will need, not just now but throughout their life, and after you’re gone.

At America United Wealth Planning, we not only have strategies for your retirement, but we also have insights that provide for your special needs child as you retire. There are options that are overlooked or not available to typical families.

Contact us to help you navigate those options. You can gain confidence that your child will be taken care of, and will have consistent reliable sources of income. More importantly you will gain peace of mind planning for the future that you and your child deserves.

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