My FamilyShield Plan

Retirement And Estate Planning is about love of family not just money

The My FamilyShield planning experience combines income planning, social security planning and estate planning under one roof to provide a single comprehensive plan that takes into account all aspects of pre retirement planning.  There are some notable advantages for the consumer to pursue this style of planning:

No Second Guessing

Your retirement plan is designed from the very beginning to cover all aspects of aging.  This means that everything is “tuned” to work together cohesively. It means that not only are your income sources being tweaked to safely and securely provide the steady income that will maintain your lifestyle as you age, but it means that a legal foundation has been laid so your family will always have access to their money regardless of what happens to you. In times of emergency, not only will there be the money available to overcome those challenges, but their won’t be indecision or conflict in the family about what should be done. This plan will protect and preserve your legacy as you age. In addition, it will pass on to the next generation without any unnecessary depletion by taxes or mounting health costs. It means you never have to become a burden to those you love.

Working Together

A comprehensive approach brings the entire family together around a single aim.  Because retirement and estate planning deals with several unknowns as they relate to time and aging, there is the potential for problems to arise.  With a comprehensive My FamilyShield Retirement Plan, you have an established long-term relationship with American United Wealth Planning. Together, we work out all your goals and go over all your retirement planning questions. Afterwards, we address any problems and issues that could arise.  No argument, stress or anxiety between family members, because we’ve already worked together to lay the foundation so your family can move forward together and overcome whatever obstacles arise. By bringing everybody together, all of the family roles and relationships are established, and you have a relationship with a single advisor, who can guide you through the full scope of things that could happen

America United Wealth Planning has believed in comprehensive retirement planning since the company began in 1982. for the benefits it provides, and the positive experience it creates. Learn more about America United Wealth Planning or find out what sets us apart from other retirement planning advisors. Let’s start a conversation today!

What Our Clients Say

Trust and a Solid Reputation can only be earned with time, experience and performance.  If you’re looking for a retirement and estate planning firm to help provide your family with guidance, than we hope you begin your search by reading some of our testimonials below, to see if our client’s experiences are what you are looking to find.  We can talk about how hard we work to provide the best service possible, but it has much more meaning when it comes from the folks whom we have planned for in the past.

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