Medicaid Planning / Trust

Retirement and estate planning is about love of family not just money

One of the major challenges that retirees increasingly face is the threat of mounting health care costs consuming their retirement savings. One option a client might want to consider would be qualifying for Medicaid.  However, this can get tricky if one has assets, because the Medicaid Department will require a client to deplete those assets before accepting them into the program, effectively costing them their legacy!

However, it’s possible to qualify a loved one for a bed at select assisted care facilities, while still preserving their legacy, by means of a Medicaid Trust, as established through the Pension Protection Act. This matters because no one wants to become a burden to a loved one, disrupt their life, or give the assets that they worked their entire life to qualify for to a nursing home. Most people also cherish their legacy, and want it to go to the people they loved the most, that they know sacrificed for them the most, and whom they feel earned the right to receive part of their legacy as an act of love.

By setting up a Medicaid Trust—and with proper guidance in handling the Medicaid application—it’s possible to qualify a loved one for a Medicaid bed, without depleting their assets.  

If you have a loved one whose legacy you would like to protect, let’s start a conversation today!

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