Estate Tax Planning

Retirement and estate planning is about love of family not just money

Everyone wants to give as much as they can to their loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s possible that a legacy can be reduced by state and federal taxes. Estate Tax Planning is the process of using a Trust to make sure that you don’t exceed the State or Federal tax exemptions. What it means for a family, is that they get to preserve a greater legacy to give to the next generation. It means they get to maintain control over their assets, and who receives them.

If giving more to the next generation is something you would like to work towards, let’s start a conversation today!

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What Our Clients Say

Trust and a Solid Reputation can only be earned with time, experience and performance.  Are you in search of the best retirement planner and estate planning firm? If so, than you have come to the right place! America United Wealth Planning is here to help provide your family with full guidance and support. We hope you begin your search by reading some of our testimonials below, to see if our client’s experiences are what you are looking to find.  Sure, we can talk about how hard we work to provide the best service possible. However, it has much more meaning when it comes from the folks whom we have planned for in the past.

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