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Retirement and estate planning is about love of family not just money

What’s a Will? Normally, when a loved one passes away, there is a bureaucratic process that the family will be required to go through called probate. Probate is just a fancy term for having to work with a Court of law after your loved ones passing, periodically visiting the Court, so the judge knows that your loved one’s assets are being distributed in a legal and responsible manner. You can think of the Court, or the judge, as being like a referee, or case manager, who wants to ensure everything is being done properly.

But how does the judge know how your loved one wanted their assets distributed? How do they know what constitutes everything being done “properly”?

Challenges with the State Statute

If the court has no further guidance, the judge will just look at state statute and follow what the statute says for them to do. The state statute is a one size fits all guide for who gets what, and in what proportions they get it. What this means is that an estate can be divided up in a way that doesn’t seem moral or fair to the family.

Power of the Will

Hiring an attorney for Wills is a way around this problem. You can think of the will as being like a map for the judge to follow. Instead of looking at a one size fits all state statute that doesn’t take into account the temperaments or personalities of your family members, a judge can look at a will to see how you wish to have your estate divided up. For your family members, this means that assets go to people or organizations in a manner that you deem moral and fair for everyone. If a loved one went above and beyond in providing companionship and care to an ailing family member, they can receive a guaranteed expression of love for their act of kindness. This can help keep a family happy, and keep them together, rather than fueling bitterness or resentment over the way that an estate was distributed. It can help them focus on coming together and moving forward, rather than dwelling on the past.      

If you would like to take control over how your assets are distributed, let’s start a conversation today!

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